Lightweight. Efficient. Safe.

GIGANT lightweight aluminium trench lining is the ideal system for trenches on inner-city sites, for service connections to buildings and maintenance work. This modular aluminium system closes the gap between the frequently heavy and cumbersome steel systems and manual trench timbering. GIGANT lightweight aluminium trench lining has been a favourite among contractors for more than 30 years because of its low weight and durability.

This modular system can be combined and supplemented as required. Using just a few basic parts it is possible to provide solutions for all customary trench widths and depths and awkward situations (crossing services, friable soils, cramped sites).


  • Lightweight parts for easy assembly by hand
  • Modular system enables flexible trench shoring units
  • Easy to use without the need for heavy plant


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Lightweight aluminium trench Lining
lightens the work

Watch this video to find out about potential applications, accessories and assembly.

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GIGANT lightweight aluminium lining for trench sides

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GIGANT aluminium inspection shaft shoring

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GIGANT aluminium strongframe system

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GIGANT aluminium end-face shoring

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This section contains more detailed information about the applications for our products plus instructions for assembly and use.


GIGANT aluminium trenching system

Further trench shoring systems

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