TITAN push-pull props
The right push-pull prop for every job

Whether steel or aluminium, the products in the ISCHEBECK push-pull prop range are ideal for the quick alignment and secure support of precast concrete elements as well as wall and column formwork. Push-pull props are also suitable for transferring horizontal loads acting on falsework (TITAN aluminium Megashore system). In terms of the heights and angles possible, this versatile, coordinated range is flexible and economic.

All TITAN push-pull props are suitable for tension and compression loads. The movable end fittings enable the props to be set up at any angle.

Information about the extensive range of accessories (e.g. quick-action swivel end adapter) can be found in our brochure on TITAN push-pull props, which may be downloaded.


  • Fast alignment and safe propping of precast concrete elements and wall or column formwork
  • Can transfer horizontal loads
  • Versatile, coordinated range
  • Flexible and economic when it comes to the heights and angles possible
  • With typical calculations for many common applications

All TITAN push-pull props

Push-pull prop

  • Available in four lengths from 1.70 to 5.56 m
  • Handles always within easy reach
  • Suitable for tension and compression
  • Connecting pins every 100 mm for quick adjustment
  • Collar for exact fine adjustment

Push-pull prop

  • With screw jacks and handles at both ends
  • Available in five lengths from 0.90 to 7.60 m
  • Handles always within easy reach
  • Suitable for tension and compression loads up to 40 kN
  • Screw jacks at both ends allow accurate adjustment

Push-pull prop

  • Modular system made from sturdy steel components for lengths from 2.30 to 18.50 m
  • Two-start trapezoidal thread for quick adjustment
  • Suitable for tension and compression loads up to 50 kN

Push-pull prop

  • Modular system made from lightweight aluminium components
  • Available in five lengths from 2.27 to 8.56 m
  • Individual parts can be assembled and disassembled without a crane
  • Suitable for tension and compression
  • No component weighs more than 24 kg
  • Compatible with system components of the TITAN aluminium Megashore system

with aluminium ledger frames

  • It is easy to assemble stable support towers using TITAN Alu-BKS push-pull props and aluminium ledger frames.
  • Ledger frames increase the loadbearing capacity considerably and are available in different sizes.
  • For lengths up to 21.16 m

for TITAN push-pull props

More detailed information about our products is available here. In addition to the freely available downloads, many more downloads are available to registered users.

Freely available


This section contains more detailed information about the applications for our products plus instructions for assembly and use.


TITAN push-pull props

TITAN push-pull props

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