GIGANT steel trench lining
Versatile. Robust. Safe.

GIGANT steel trench lining has, over many years, proved itself to be an economic and versatile system. It is mainly used when laying drains and sewers. The trench struts are sturdy and easy to install thanks to the hard rubber disc and wedge pin.

GIGANT steel trench lining can be used to support trench sides in a diverse range of soils. This system can also be used or adapted for use in fragile soils or where crossing services have to be accommodated.


  • Modular system ensures good flexibility
  • High number of reuses
  • Easy planning

for steel trench shoring

GIGANT strongframe trench shoring system

  • Standardised panel that allows trench panels to be mounted at a later stage as well
  • Trench panels are suitable for all customary trench sheets and lightweight sections
  • Modular elements easily interchanged
  • Easy to leave openings for crossing services and other obstacles
  • Suitable for the majority of soil types
  • Generous pipe clearance height
  • Depth: 1.00 – 7.00 m
  • Clear working width: 1.00 – 4.30 m

GIGANT steel trench lining for trench sides

  • Safe for max. 6 m deep trenches
  • Guarantees fast, consistent progress on site
  • Enables a pipe clearance height of up to 2.50 m
  • Space-saving transport and storage
  • Can be installed and removed from the bottom up
  • Depth: max. 6.00 m
  • Clear working width: 1.00 – 4.00 m

GIGANT steel trench lining

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