GIGANT aluminium strongframe system
Fast and safe for max. 3 m deep trenches

The GIGANT aluminium strongframe system is the latest development among the ISCHEBECK trench shoring products. Its low weight is unrivalled and the system is very easy to use. Leaving openings for crossing services and other obstacles is easy with the GIGANT aluminium strongframe system.

  • Easy to leave openings for crossing services
  • Also suitable for friable and non-cohesive soils
  • Generous pipe clearance height
  • Can be installed by two persons without plant
  • Max. 3 m deep trenches
  • Depth: 0.50 – 3.00 m
  • Clear working width: 0.91 – 2.49 m
Buried services
Services connections to buildings
Excavation Shoring
Building waterproofing

Application areas
GIGANT aluminium strongframe system


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