The “Less Paper for Charity” campaign began in 2021 and helped motivate our workforce to become more aware of the paper they were using. At the same time it has made a positive contribution to our corporate sustainability strategy.

Paper consumption at the Ennepetal plant of FRIEDR. ISCHEBECK GMBH was cut by almost 200,000 sheets in 2021, which meant a really valuable contribution to environmental protection. This reduction is a result of changing over to digital invoices and a more responsible approach to using paper by all our employees.

In the light of the current situation, it was quickly clear to us what we should do with the €3,000 we saved by buying less paper. ISCHEBECK is a company with international operations across the most diverse nationalities and cultures. Therefore, all of us wanted the money to be used to help people in the Ukraine. After consulting with our colleagues from the ISCHEBECK branch in Kraków, Poland, the donation was handed over to the “Fundacja Instytut Polska-Ukraina” organisation, which looks after and supports refugees and also distributes relief supplies.