Trench struts for steel trench shoring
Maximum safety even with high loads

The ISCHEBECK trench struts for steel trench shoring can be used in trenches and excavations with steel walings. They are designed for use with our own steel trench shoring system, but can also be used with the steel trench shoring systems of other manufacturers. Our trench struts can handle many different trench widths and loads.

  • Various types available for different widths and loads
  • Infinite length adjustment
  • The screw jacks can be replaced, but have a captive attachment to the outer tube.
  • The end hooks guarantee that waling and strut axes coincide.

The ISCHEBECK range includes various trench struts in different sizes so you can find the perfect strut for your next project.

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Trench struts for steel trench shoring


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