TITAN HV aluminium floor slab formwork
Fast and safe: one system – three variations

TITAN HV aluminium floor slab formwork is an established drop-head system that can be used to assemble formwork for any floor slab quickly and economically.

The HV drop-head system is available in three variations:

  • as main and secondary beam method without sheeting
  • as mesh panels
  • as HV panels with integral sheeting

Our drop-head system can be mounted on all customary props.

  • Flexible adjustment to suit all room lengths, widths and angles plus slab extrusions with just a few system components.
  • Economic operations: drop-head system for early striking while the props still carry the load.
  • Safe working: formwork erected and struck from below.
  • Simple system: just three basic components – main beam, secondary bream, drop-head.
  • With verified typical calculations
Industrial buildings
Commercial buildings
Residential buildings

The TITAN HV aluminium floor slab formwork

Main and secondary beams

  • The three basic components (main and secondary beams, drop-head) are all in one plane.
  • Uneconomic beam overlaps are avoided.
  • Formwork level easily adjusted to suit room width and length.
  • Available in various lengths for maximum flexibility
  • Compatible with mesh and HV panels.

HV Panel

  • Consists of a lightweight aluminium frame plus integral sheeting.
  • It is hooked between the main beams to allow the erection and striking of formwork from below according to the regulations.
  • Available in two sizes (0.45 x 1.70 m and 0.60 x 1.50 m) for good flexibility and different slab depths.
  • Easy handling thanks to its low weight.
  • Striking the formwork can begin at any position just two to three days after concreting.

Mesh Panel

  • Lightweight aluminium frame with integral grid for foot traffic.
  • Ideal for areas with strict safety requirements.
  • Fits flush with the beams.
  • Is slid along the main beam.
  • Formwork set up and struck safely and quickly from below with quick-release support.

Guard rail post

  • Mounted from below: simply slot into place.
  • Fast, safe and simple without safety lines.
  • For use with telescopic rails, timber planks, scaffold tubes and aluminium EPS screens.
  • A product for corners and spans.
  • Height: 1.20 m.

for TITAN HV aluminium floor slab formwork

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TITAN HV aluminium floor slab formwork

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TITAN HV aluminium floor slab formwork

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