TITAN Edge protection systems
Easy to set up, safe in use.

Whether you need guard rail posts or aluminium EPS screens, fencing off an edge from which persons could fall should never take longer than the work to be done near that edge. It is the small number of parts and the ease of use that are the real plus points of ISCHEBECK TITAN edge protection systems. The systems are flexible in use and represent a major contribution to the safety of persons on building sites.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable protection
  • Complies with DIN EN 13374 class A
  • Verified by an independent institute

All TITAN edge protection systems

Universal guardrail clamp

  • For use on concrete slabs and formwork beams (aluminium or timber)
  • Can be combined with aluminium EPS screens, timber planks, telescopic rails or scaffold tubes
  • No drilling, simply clamp in place
  • Adjusting mechanism placed at ergonomic height
  • 10 mm adjustment for each turn
  • Safe, complies with DIN EN 13374, class A

for TITAN edge protection systems

More detailed information about our products is available here. In addition to the freely available downloads, many more downloads are available to registered users.

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This section contains more detailed information about the applications for our products plus instructions for assembly and use.


TITAN edge protection systems

Application areas
TITAN edge protection systems

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