Excavation shoring

Shoring to excavations and trenches is a very wide field. To achieve cost-effectiveness, it is important to specify the shoring requirements prior to commencing work on site and adapt the shoring to the local circumstances. Lightweight, easy-to-use shoring systems are the best choice for smaller shafts. Steel shoring is often too heavy for small plant or requires expensive transport arrangements.

Other challenges have to be faced when it comes to deep excavations. A soldier pile wall is a system in which steel beams are driven vertically into the ground. Timber planks are then fitted between these. The clever alternative to this is to attach the timber planks in front of the vertical steel members, which reduces the workload considerably.

  • GIGANT trench struts
  • GIGANT lightweight aluminium trench lining
  • GIGANT steel trench lining
  • Timber wedge clamp

Excavation shoring


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