Formwork systems



Most parts in the ISCHEBECK formwork systems are made from aluminium. The low weight of the individual components improves safety, reduces fatigue and saves on crane capacities.


Whether a single prop or a complete falsework assembly, ISCHEBECK always supplies economic solutions ideally suited to the needs of building sites.

Geotechnical systems

with TITAN micropiles 

One system – many applications 

The heart of the system is the self-drilling TITAN micropile, which can be used as a ground improvement measure. Ground improvement by way of the interlocking body of grout enables tension, compression and cyclic loads to be transferred to the in situ soil. TITAN micropiles are covered by National Technical Approval Z-34.14-209 issued by the DIBt. This is the only tubular grouted pile system that can also be used for permanent applications of 100+ years.

Trench shoring systems



The ISCHEBECK trench shoring systems in steel and aluminium meet the requirements for fast progress on site, economic plant use and high safety. The modular system consisting of panels and trench struts ensures good flexibility and solutions to suit the needs of building sites.

Trench struts



ISCHEBECK can supply the right trench strut for every trench shoring job. All our trench struts are marked with the civil engineering employers’ liability insurance association symbol according to DIN 4124.


That means:

  • no acceptance problems
  • quality is assured by an external organisation, the North Rhine-Westphalia Materials Testing Laboratory

Lightweight aluminium trench Lining

One system – five uses 

One system – five uses 

GIGANT lightweight aluminium trench lining is the ideal trench shoring system for trenches at inner-city locations. This modular aluminium system closes the gap between the frequently heavy and cumbersome steel systems and manual trench timbering.


  • Lightweight parts (max. 42 kg)
  • Modular system means flexible trench lining units
  • No heavy plant required
  • Safety barriers at ground level simply attached to guard rail posts inserted into the top of each panel

GIGANT steel trench lining

One system for all trench shoring jobs 

One system for all trench shoring jobs 

The GIGANT system offers many advantages that help achieve consistent progress on site. Operations do not come to a standstill when

  • the soil type changes,
  • services cross the trench,
  • a manhole is reached,
  • the trench lining cannot be extracted,
  • there is a risk of ground failure.

Timber wedge clamp wall

The cost-effective alternative to traditional soldier pile walls 

The cost-effective alternative to traditional soldier pile walls 

The timber wedge clamp wall with timber planks clamped to the front of each soldier pile is ideal for deep trenches and excavations on inner-city sites. The system consists of just three parts: wedge plate, U-plate and wedge.


The timber wedge clamp saves time and materials:

  • No expensive excavation between the soldier piles
  • No sawing, no cutting planks to size
  • No settlement, no loss of soil
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Formwork systems

Geotechnical systems

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